Providing Exceptional Hearing Aid Services

At Hear Clear Hearing Aids, Inc. we combine the best of phone, curbside, and in-person services to help you get the hearing aids you need. From scheduling to screening, to patient consultations, fittings, and repairs, we’ve optimized our use of the internet and phone to minimize the number of in-office visits and maximize patient satisfaction.

To ensure your health and safety we follow all guidelines and protocols. Feel free to give us a call before coming into the office and we’ll go over our safety guidelines.


The best way to schedule an appointment is to give us a call or text. We’ll answer any questions you may have, and determine what type of appointment you need. If you’d like to schedule an appointment when we’re closed or are having difficulty getting through, you can always send us an email.

Hearing Testing

In-office hearing test in our awesome hearing booth is the best way to fully identify your specific type and levels of hearing loss. The accurate results will enable our expert providers to determine whether hearing aids can help you and what models are best suited to your needs. Much less, when you come in you can meet our stellar staff.

Audiology Consultations

Are your hearing aids acting up? Or have they stopped working altogether? We offer phone or in-office consultations. Call, text, or email us to schedule your appointment.

Hearing Aids Adjustments

Hearing aid fittings are crucial to ensure your hearing aids are working well. During an in-office visit we will check the overall fit, sound output, and programming of your hearing aid. If we’re unable to schedule an in-person visit, we offer a curbside option, where we fit the hearing aid on you in your car. Call, text, or email to schedule your curbside service appointment to make fitting your hearing aid even more convenient and faster.

Hearing Aid Repair Services

Hearing aid not working like it should? Don’t wait to get it repaired. Your ability to hear is crucial to your overall health and relationships. Simply call, text, or email us to schedule in-office or curbside repair service.