Patient Reviews of Hear Clear Hearing Aids, Inc.

I am only 34 but I just realized how much I have been missing in my daily life and the frustration that was caused by my hearing loss. There was a sense of rejection to the hearing aids due to my age, but Iris made it a very comfortable process of trying them on and adjusting the program again and again till they fit my daily life perfectly. Now I must say to Iris that she just helped me to turn a page in my life! Everything is clearer and nothing of the hearing aids bothers me. I no more withdraw from conversation so I can hear every word others say! Life is just much more beautiful when you can hear better!

Thank you, thank you Iris. I love you!!

– Pam O.

Love the new hearing aids and Hear Clear. I almost purchased another brand from another audiologist and then I ran into Iris at a Woodland Hills community event. I couldn’t hear her with all the background noise while wearing the hearing aids I originally purchased elsewhere. I also always felt that they were uncomfortable in my ears. Iris fit me with the Widex hearing aids—can’t feel them while in my ears, hearing quality is far better. Iris is great.

– Ann B.

Iris is very competent, extremely kind, very patient, and is an all around great lady. Wish there were more people like her. My hearing is so much better since she began working with me. I can’t say enough good things about her,
I recommend her to one and all in need of hearing assistance.

– Evelyn F.

There are many people in the medical profession who care about their patients. Many are nice to their patients, but you Iris, set the standard for patient care, because you treat your patients with dignity. That is a rarity. My aunt, Yetta, is fortunate to have found you.

Thank you for sharing your expertise, patience, respect and compassionate spirit with Yetta and me. We are truly grateful. To top it off, the hearing aids work wonderfully. She can hear again!

– Cathy H.

After over 5 decades working in fields involving the physics of sound, age and an infection left me with hearing loss. Never having to consider the details of fitting a hearing instrument before, I looked for an expert audiologist. I found help at HearClear Hearing Aids, Inc’s staff and facilities. I now hear again and I understand how to use and care for my hearing aids. I comfortably wear my nearly-invisible devices all day, seldom paying any attention to their presence, thanks to HearClear Hearing Aids Inc.

– Dave D.

Wonder of wonders! I can hear with the utmost ease and speak in dulcet tones. No more pretending “I can hear” or vague reactions. I thank you and love my new hearing aids.

So easy at any age to use and clean. It is your choice. And image, no one will ever know. Ha-ha.

– Ellen D.

I want to thank you for listening to me…from our first visit and still today.

Thank you for referring me to the doctor for an MRI. Now that I know the results, and understand my options, I can happily appreciate the gift of better hearing with my hearing aids.

I was never given in my past, the unhurried and sincere care that you have blessed me with.

– Ada G.

I strongly recommend Hear Clear Hearing Aids!

I recently experienced a problem with one of my old Widex hearing aids. The hearing aid manufacturer recommended that I seek help from Hear Clear Hearing Aids and I’m delighted and gratified that they did.

Iris Stone proved to be the most competent medical professional I’ve dealt with in many years.

I strongly recommend her and her organization to anyone in need of audiology services.

– Marvin M.

I cannot Thank Iris enough for her professional, supportive and caring approach. Not only is she the ultimate professional, but she was so helpful in helping me find an aid that would fit just perfect for my lifestyle and profession. As a college professor I would get increasingly frustrated because I could not hear what my students said…She is absolutely wonderful. There is no doubt she cares about her patients. I will and have recommended her without any reservations!!!

Lucy C.

It was a great experience at Hear Clear. I will always be a lifetime customer!

– FD

I didn’t realize I even had hearing loss.

Thanks to my hearing aids from Hear Clear Hearing Aids, I am living a normal life.

– LK

Hear Clear gave me my hearing back. They are wonderful people.

– SL

I no longer get complaints about the high volume of my TV.

– DT

Thank you Hear Clear. You changed my life!


I love speaking with my Grandchildren now.

– MH